• NHK German economy boom 2017
  • NHK, electro- mobility
  • Yomiuri Shimbun covering German elections
  • NHK regional public train transport system in Schleswig Holstein
  • Pro Sieben “Uncovered- 2nd season”
  • NHK feature “fake news”
  • NHK programme: “LED and it’s biological effects on human beings”
  • NHK Special: “Germany’s energy policy”
  • NHK programme: “IFA – consumer electronics”
  • NHK Close up Gendai: “ What is going to happen with the EURO?”
  • NHK news programme: “How is the economic situation in Germany to be judged”
  • NHK Special: „pension reform in Germany”
  • NHK news: “end of nuclear power in Germany – consequences for the energy intensive companies”
  • NHK news special: “Twenty years of reunification – how does the younger generation cope with the special German history?”
  • NHK: “What is the state of the art of research in the field of LED and OLED -lighting in Germany?”
  • NHK news special: “Twenty years after the fall of the wall – is there still a wall in the minds and hearts between Eastern and Western Germany?”
  • NHK report: “former pollution problems in Bitterfeld – how is the situation today?”
  • The Yomiuri Shimbun: “The Medical System in Germany”
  • The Yomiuri Shimbun: “criminal law relating to young offenders, are we too lenient with young offenders?”


  • NHK Special: “Miracle Body – Berlin Marathon”
  • TV Asahi: “Soccer Worldcup in Germany”
  • Fuji TV: Judo World Cup in Hamburg
  • Fuji TV: Volley European championship
  • Fuji TV: Berlin Marathon (coordinator for live broadcast for Fuji TV and SFB (now RBB))

travel and culture:


  • NHK travel documentary “Tabi suru doitsugo”
  • WDR/ Arte: Traumrouten der USA ( 2 Serien)
  • Bloomberg TV – brilliant ideas Chiharu Shiota portrait
  • Sky Perfect TV: “luxury train journeys through Europe”
  • IVS Productions: Travel programme: TRAVELIX: “The castle road – die Burgenstrasse – München-Oktoberfest- Nürnberg – Heidelberg (shooting of restaurants, sightseeing spots, shops etc.)
  • IVS Productions: TRAVELIX: “ Romantische Strasse – Würzburg – Rothenburg ob der Tauber – Neuschwanstein / Füssen”
  • East Productions: Travel Programme: „Christmas in Germany – Nürnberg – Rothenburg ob der Tauber
  • IVS Productions:  „What happened with the PIANO MAN?“
  • EAST Productions: „ Berliner Philharmoniker“
  • Fuji TV: „KINASHI GUIDE“ (Shooting in Hamburg soccer player)
  • IVS Productions: TRAVELIX: „Berlin – Hamburg – Märchenstrasse
  • NHK: shooting about German sausage
  • NHK: historical moments: Potsdam agreement